3Shape Trios 3 Move Plus Dental Intraoral CAD/CAM Dentistry Scanner

3Shape TRIOS MOVE+ is an intraoral scanning setup that ensures placement is always spot on.

Item Includes: Trios 3 Pod Scanner, Dock, 120v Power Adapter (Dock), 4 Tips, Trios Color Calibration Target, Calibration Tip, Manual, Ethernet Cable, 2 Calibration Adapters , Software, License

3Shape Trios 3 Move Dental Intraoral Scanner

This wireless or wired 3Shape scanner comes with all of the TRIOS® engagement apps: TRIOS Treatment Simulator, TRIOS Smile Design and TRIOS Patient Monitoring. So, you can preview orthodontic and restorative results. And you can explain your treatment plans more easily. You’ll add weight to your treatment recommendations. Which is a great way to increase case acceptance. And, of course, our scan-and-send system is as easy and convenient as ever.

Simple scan-and-send workflow
There’s a good chance your favorite lab is one of our more than 20,000 partners. Our scan-and-send workflow makes it easy for you to find 3Shape partner labs. So you can just pick the one you prefer, take an impression with your TRIOS dental scanner, and send it off. It’s fast, easy, and hygienic.

Take advantage of TRIOS accuracy
All our digital impression scanners use AI to “learn” from real teeth for long-lasting, natural-looking treatment outcomes. You can even capture and send precise occlusion and excursive jaw motion to your lab for a perfect fit. And did you know that dental impressions taken with an intraoral scanner are more accurate than conventional impressions1?

Boost patient engagement

Less chair time, less anxiety, and no more gagging. Your patients will have a better experience because digital scanning is faster, less invasive and allows for quality dialogue based on the 3D scan on screen. You can complete full, accurate impressions in minutes. And treatments require only 2-3 visits on average3. No wonder 4 of 5 studies show patients prefer digital4.
Our dental platform

With TRIOS also comes 3Shape Unite: a new open platform that brings world-leading dental companies, solutions and labs together, enabling you to manage all your cases with choice and ease, from TRIOS scan to treatment completion.

3Shape Trios 3 Move Plus was born, allowing you to easily share your digital scans, images, and treatment plan with patients. This helps patients picture their final results and ultimately, advance case acceptance.
3Shape Trios 3 Move Dental Intraoral Scanner Features

13.3″ Full HD touch LCD screen
Adjustable arm & swiveling screen
Powerful custom PC designed for scanning
Apps designed to excite
Four wheels with integrated brakes

Visualizing on screen is great. But having your screen positioned in the wrong angle can be unpractical for you and the patient. 3Shape TRIOS MOVE+ is an intraoral scanning setup that ensures placement is always spot on.

Touch screen
Navigate directly on the LCD touch screen, available in two sizes.

Adjustable arm
Maneuver the arm and swivel screen right where you need it.

PC included
Comes with a powerful PC, designed for fast and smooth scanning with TRIOS.

Show scans easily, boost involvement
One of the challenges of working with intraoral scans is in organizing the physical space: how to position your screen in the right place to not only prepare and scan but also share your work? To help you solve this, we developed TRIOS MOVE+. It allows you to move your screen with digital scans, images, and simulated expected treatment outcomes to where the patient sits. This helps them picture their final results and ultimately, advance case acceptance. On top of that, it is more ergonomical for dentists.

The TRIOS MOVE+ setup solution comes with a 15.6″ size screen, a stylus touch pen and a powerful 1TB PC specially designed for scanning. A USB 2.0 port on the backside of the screen lets you import and export your scans.

– Screen: larger 15.6” Full HD touch screen, giving you a 36 % larger working area
– USB 2.0 port on the back side of your screen for import and export of your scans

3Shape Trios 3 Move Dental Intraoral Scanner Package Includes:

– TRIOS 3 scanner wand
– Charger incl. power cord
– Wall mount kit for the charger
– 3x batteries
– 5x TRIOS 3 scanner tips
– TRIOS 3 Protection tip
– TRIOS 3 Calibration tip
– TRIOS 3 Color Calibration kit
– TRIOS MOVE incl. power cord
– HEX S10 key (for foot assembly)
– Screwdrivers TX6 and TX8
– Ethernet cable
– 2x Fuses
– USB Dongle with software
– Documentation

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